Analytics Dashboard

Making it easy to monitor the status of every connection, everywhere

Netcelero’s unique connectivity dashboard enables you to have instant access to the status of every connection. This invaluable one-stop access is simply not available with any other provider. With Netcelero you will never be left wondering which connection is causing an outage or has an intermittent signal.

It’s Easy To See Where a Fault Lies

Identify at a glance if any connections are down, intermittent or simply slow - and know exactly which service provider to follow up with. Wherever the fault lies in a network, you’ll instantly have the answers you need.

Customise Your Dashboard

Netcelero enables you to build the connectivity intelligence you need. Customise your dashboard by choosing from a range of key performance indicators to give you instant visibility of what is most relevant to maintaining your network.

Know Your Data Usage

Netcelero’s unique web-based dashboard gives you invaluable access to the data that’s going through each connection. Perhaps you’re paying for Next Generation Broadband, but getting far less. By having this intelligence at your fingertips, you can be satisfied you’re getting the best deal from your providers - or have the evidence you need to pursue an improved service.

Automated Alerts Keep You One Step Ahead

Netcelero’s unique monitoring service can alert you to problems with any connection. Set up notifications to be sent via email and/or SMS to ensure you receive the alert wherever you are. You can even set warning alerts to ensure that every SIM card’s data usage is kept within data limits. This functionality is essential for any business that relies on SIM cards for their connectivity.

Netcelero Analytics Portal


With Netcelero you can rely on zero downtime. Use multiple ISPs for automatic failover between connections that keeps critical services running.
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Static IP

A static IP is available across all connections, even if you're only using 2/3/4G. Access to virtual networks and other services has never been easier.
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Easy to Deploy

Netcelero easily slots into an existing infrastructure without the need for major network changes, lengthy reconfigurations or costly downtime.
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Firewall Protection

With adaptable firewall protection you'll have the level of encryption and access that's right for your business.
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