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Reliable Communications Path

Reliable Communications Path

Reliable Communications Path


Reliable Communications Path

Poor connectivity and weak security are common problems that can create challenges for CCTV monitoring centres, security system integrators, and site owners on a daily basis.

Netcelero builds and designs solutions for the CCTV industry to empower them to overcome the networking challenges they face and protect their systems. We understand that speed and simplicity of deployment are fundamental, while maintaining a solid defensive system is critical to your business and your customers.

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Simple, Clever & Robust Solutions

for CCTV Monitoring Companies

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Simple, Clever & Robust Solutions

for CCTV Monitoring Companies

Netcelero is a trusted provider of secure, reliable connectivity solutions for remote CCTV monitoring companies.

Our easy-to-deploy solutions create a secure communications path, providing resilient and reliable access to any onsite hardware. We facilitate full control and visibility of connectivity at any site, regardless of location or environment, and we help ARCs to overcome many major challenges that they are faced with.

With full integration of alarms with leading monitoring software such as Sentinel and IMMIX, Netcelero solutions ensure that every single camera and issue specific alert is sent directly to the monitoring centre for immediate action.


  • Connectivity

    Poor internet connectivity is the source of many issues experienced by CCTV monitoring companies. Cameras in remote locations rely on 4G or Starlink connections, yet struggle to get a much-needed static IP address. And, when a camera goes down, it can be hard to know which DVR or NVR connection is experiencing problems.

  • Security

    The risk of systems being compromised by unauthorised persons is a major concern for ARCs. Vulnerabilities in the network can lead to ransomware deployment, reputational damage, and the risk of costly fines.

Features for ARCs

Features for ARCs

  • Arcs netcelero

    Rapidly diagnose root cause if no alarms are being received

  • Arcs netcelero

    Onboard customers on any connection – no more delays due to connectivity

  • Arcs netcelero

    Simplify connectivity to complex corporate networks

  • Arcs netcelero

    Global servers provide low latency connections worldwide

  • netcelero arcs

    Freedom for you to choose any SIM from any local 4G network

An Innovative Solution

Netcelero’s products are easy to deploy, slotting into any existing infrastructure without the need for major network changes, lengthy reconfigurations or costly downtime.

Thanks to our proprietary cloud-based network, many settings are centrally managed, meaning the solution is portable and can easily be configured remotely – even from the ARC.

  • Resilient Connection – Cameras keep streaming, whatever happens

Netcelero delivers a reliable internet connection so you can monitor your customers’ cameras anywhere, enabling you to provide them with a permanently reliable premium monitored service. For uninterrupted remote access anywhere, Netcelero provides a reliable communications path in remote locations, even where a fixed line is not readily available, with peace of mind that Sentinel or IMMIX alerts are received in real time, enabling the ARC to action immediately.

  • Static IP Address – A globally routable static IP, even with cellular connections

Netcelero’s clever cloud-based solution, paired with onsite hardware, can fail over a Public IP address regardless of the type of connection or ISP – even between 4G providers and Starlink connections. This enables the ARC to monitor cameras in high-definition wherever they are, including remote locations. Crystal clear footage is not available with high latency connections – Netcelero solutions ensure the ARC doesn’t have to compromise the definition quality because of poor connectivity.

  • Robust Firewall Protection – Preventing malicious activity against cameras everywhere

ARCs need to protect their clients’ sites from physical attacks but must also ensure that the communications pathway is secure, cost effective, and easy to deploy. With our solution sitting between your network and the internet, Netcelero acts as a shield against threats, and monitors all activity going in and out, so the ARC can focus on preventing perimeter threats and not worry about cyber threats.

  • Full Visibility on Connectivity Issues

Netcelero’s solutions provide ARCs with full visibility of the communications path, keep a historical log of connectivity, and allow you to see each point along the connection. This means that when an issue inevitably does arise, with Netcelero’s solutions in place you can rapidly diagnose and troubleshoot, minimising costly downtime.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Netcelero’s unique connectivity dashboard provides instant access and visibility on the status of every connection. This is an invaluable tool which is simply not available with any other provider.


With Netcelero you will never again be left wondering why cameras can’t be monitored over the client’s Starlink connection, or which connection is causing an outage or having to reduce the definition of the footage, to overcome high latency on a 4G connection.

  • Visibility on Faults

    Identify at a glance if any connections are down, or you lose connection to any cameras or NVR’s –  know exactly where the fault lies, you’ll instantly have the answers you need to diagnose the issue before you have to contact your customer to tell them you cannot monitor their property for an unknown reason.

  • Customise Your Dashboard

    Netcelero enables you to build the connectivity intelligence you need. Customise your dashboard by choosing from a range of key performance indicators to give you instant visibility of what is most relevant to maintaining your network.

  • Full Integration with CCTV Monitoring Software

    Netcelero solutions support full integration of alarms with industry leading CCTV monitoring software such as Sentinel, IMMIX and many others. This ensures that camera and issue specific alerts are sent directly to the ARC immediately via email, enabling fast reaction to alerts, which is critical in preventing any malicious on site activity.

  • Health Monitoring

    Drops in connection, slow speeds or high latency are not only frustrating, they also affect the definition quality of  camera footage. Netcelero constantly monitors the health of your connection, providing you with the intelligence to optimize definition so you have the evidence you need to react to any onsite activity with a reliable service to your customers.

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