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Benefits of a 4G Sim Card with Static IP Address

A 4G Sim Card with Static IP Address is essential to ensure there is no disruption in the connection between security cameras to the ARC. At Netcelero, our solutions simplify secure connectivity even with complex networking challenges. Our technology provides any standard 4G SIM card with a Static IP address to ensure monitoring companies can always protect properties and businesses without issues from remote locations.

Why is having a Static IP address important?

The main benefit of having a Static IP address is the guarantee of a stable connection. Traditional dynamic IP addresses from 4G Sim cards constantly change, which makes them unsecure, unreliable, and difficult to connect to remotely connect.

Even if a dynamic IP from a 4G Sim card works in the short-term, it will constantly change resulting in the loss of your connection to the security system. This presents numerous issues including a serious lack of security for your clients with the risk of damage and theft. Another major issue with dynamic IP addresses from 4G Sim cards is the need to regularly visit the site to resolve connectivity issues. This is not a concern with Netcelero, as any issues that may occur will be highlighted on our dashboard and quickly resolved.

Is it difficult to get a 4G Sim Card with Static IP Address?

At Netcelero, our innovative i-spi solution instantly provides a Static IP Address. All you have to do is plug it into your existing 4G router – plug and play. This truly agnostic system offers immediate access to cameras.

A major benefit of the i-spi is that you are fully in control of the port forwards, meaning you can instantly configure and connect without assistance. We ensure ARCs suffer zero downtime with full integration of alarms with all the major monitoring software. All from a simple 4G connection.

Benefits of a 4G Sim Card with Static IP Address for System Integrators

The 4G Static IP address provided by the i-spi is very popular with system integrators due to the reliability of the connection. The stable connection provided by the i-spi ensures the number of unnecessary callouts to premises to diagnose connectivity issues are dramatically reduced.

Any internet connection can be easily transformed into a reliable communications path and no firewall rules or routers need to be changed. System integrators can avoid all the usual challenges and simply connect a security system with a 4G sim card or any available internet connection.

Benefits of a 4G Sim Card with Static IP Address for ARCs

Using an i-spi from Netcelero gives you a static IP address with any 4G sim cards, and is much more reliable for CCTV monitoring companies when compared to traditional dynamic 4G connections. This means that poor connectivity is a thing of the past.

Our innovative i-spi solution creates a secure and resilient path so unnecessary downtime is completely avoided. Monitoring companies can rest assured that they can provide a premium service to their customers with uninterrupted remote access. ARCs can monitor cameras in HD with a simple 4G connection with secure remote access.

Netcelero’s Firewall Protection Ensures Cyber Security

Many businesses are concerned about the rise in cyber-attacks on their networking system. This concern often grows when they are using a simple 4G connection. Their apprehension is valid as a cyber-attack can cause irreparable damage to both their clients and their own reputation. Particularly for businesses operating within the cyber security space.

An i-spi from Netcelero gives you a static IP address with any 4G sim card, ensuring your site is completely safe and can enjoy robust and flexible firewall protection. All ARCs and system integrators need to do is simply choose the firewall protection needed for individual projects. There are various options available from basic to secure encryption of all traffic to guarantee protection.

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