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CCTV Analytics: Netcelero’s Web Based Analytics Platform

Introduction to Netcelero’s Bespoke Analytics Dashboard

Netcelero is a trusted provider of remote secure connectivity. We deliver simple solutions to avoid complex networking problems, ensuring a CCTV network is resilient and possesses unparalleled security.

There are three key components to the Netcelero solution:

  1. A small piece of hardware we call the ‘Customer Premises Equipment’ (CPE).
  2. The Netcelero Cloud Network.
  3. And our unique Analytics Portal.

Connectivity analytics optimise the functionality of CCTV, both from a security and operational standpoint. By using Netcelero’s unique technology, business owners have peace of mind that the communications path to every camera is managed, controlled and accessible in real time. Netcelero’s automatic notifications allow for easy monitoring and rapid response to events.

Features of our Cloud Based CCTV Connectivity Analytics System


Netcelero’s web-based analytics portal provides your business with a single access point to information. The portal provides you with a wealth of analytics as well as instant visibility of every site that is managed remotely. Imagine being able to know which sites are online, down, or simply slow. Imagine receiving a real-time alert to a connectivity problem or being able to perform remote actions securely. With Netcelero’s analytics portal, it is like having an engineer in the palm of your hand!

As the analytics system is web-based, it is securely accessible from multiple platforms such as personal computers, smartphones and other electronic devices anytime, anywhere.


Delays in decision making impact operations and cost businesses valuable resources – both financial and human. Real-time analytics removes unnecessary delays by allowing you to make informed decisions with immediate and informative insights drawn from real time data. This enables you to proactively respond to any issues, guaranteeing excellent customer satisfaction, with minimal requirement for site visits.

Intuitive Dashboard

The Netcelero Analytics dashboard is easy to navigate with a wizard to guide System Integrators swiftly through the site installation. They simply select the site specifics from an array of CCTV hardware options, ARCs and ARC monitoring software.

ARCs can onboard customers immediately as they are able to remotely commission the site and are not delayed by communications path issues. Through the Netcelero dashboard they have full visibility and secure access to make any changes remotely.

Leverage the Latest Cutting-Edge CCTV AI Analytics.

Netcelero’s compatibility with CCTV AI analytics are transformational for the CCTV industry. CCTV AI analytics have dramatically enhanced the functionality of CCTV, both from a security and operational standpoint. AI technology is the simulation of human intelligence using machines. Artificial Intelligence systems use data to identify patterns and make predictions with extremely high levels of accuracy.

The data enables the monitoring company to take actions based on the highly accurate information provided.
The benefits of video analytics are vast and can provide tremendous value to businesses when it comes to the ability to distinguish between false alarms and detecting events as they happen.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • In-depth analysis of video aspects that the human eye may overlook when monitoring IP cameras.
  • Deep video analytics solutions are performed at all times with no lag and minimal errors through real-time video streams.
  • A video analytics solution can help businesses save money on manpower, reducing false activations by 95%.
  • In response to trigger occurrences, prompt alerts and notifications are sent out through well-linked video surveillance systems.
  • A high return on investment (ROI) can be expected as a result of increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Video Analytics Software for CCTV

Video analytics, or intelligent video analytics, is a software solution that can be applied to video streams from CCTV cameras to automatically detect, in near real-time, a series of predefined events, patterns or behaviours. With video analytics, the software can alert video operators of key events and automatically trigger specific actions or procedures.
Video analytics can identify many kinds of activities with the possibilities growing all the time – the list below details just a handful of the ways that video analytics can help with security and safety:

  • Motion detection – assessing whether an object and/or person has moved.
  • Line triggering / boundary detection – monitoring a boundary and sending an alert if an object/person has crossed it.
  • Loitering – locating people and measuring how long they have remained in one place; if it goes beyond a certain time, an alert is raised.
  • Object removal – if a precious object (such as a piece of art) is removed, an alert is raised.
  • People counting – locating and counting the number of people in a location, such as a shopping centre.
  • Vehicle speed monitoring – identifying vehicles travelling above a certain speed and raising an alert.
  • Security Protocols – adherence to safety regulations/protocols in high-risk areas such as construction sites.
  • Telehealth – assisting health care providers to monitor patients remotely.

Cloud Based Analytics v Edge Analytics

Cloud-based analytics is the use of remote public or private computing resources (aka the “cloud”) to analyze data on demand. Edge-based analytics is the application of video data analytics that is processed within a camera or on-site hardware.

Cloud computing has become one of the most widely acclaimed technologies of our generation, and for good reason. Its centralised nature provides easy, seamless remote access, transforming business models globally, and allowing authorised users to access the AI applications they need – anytime, anywhere, with ease.

As Artificial Intelligence video analytics software transforms the effectiveness and efficiency of CCTV, ensuring the availability of a secure communications path to the network has never been more critical.

The combination of ever-advancing AI video analytics software with Netcelero’s simplified secure communications path, and the Netcelero analytics portal is a perfect partnership.

CCTV Analytics with Netcelero

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