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Case Study: Mc Callion Group – Construction Sites and Unlimited 4G

  • Netcelero Product: i-ctrl
  • Client: Mc Callion Group
  • Sector: Construction
  • Location: Donegal, Ireland
  • Customer Since: 2016

Mc Callion Group is a market leading nationwide Construction Company specialising in complete construction services with extensive experience in design and build contracts. Mc Callions are able to enjoy the flexibility of an unlimited data 4G SIM for their fast-paced construction sites, thanks to the static IP provided by the i-ctrl by Netcelero.

About Mc Callion Group

Mc Callion Group specialises in delivering high quality construction projects, serving mostly the commercial sector. Using 4G technology with the i-ctrl from Netcelero enables them to securely access unlimited data, with peace of mind that there will be no additional data fees, ever.

The Challenge

Mc Callions in-house team mobilises quickly from the start of each new project. Reliable fast Internet connectivity is critical to any construction project, therefore they need a connectivity partner to ensure their construction sites have superfast reliable internet connectivity. Waiting for a fixed line service to be delivered to a site can take weeks, often months – Mc Callions pride themselves on completing projects in short timeframes, often ahead of schedule, so need the instant connectivity of 4G. In addition, CCTV cameras monitor all site perimeters, therefore Mc Callions also need a static IP for their remote CCTV monitoring company to watch over the site assets overnight.

The Solution

McCallions needed a high-speed connectivity solution that could be mobilized quickly and would never be limited by data restrictions. Once they tested Netcelero’s i-ctrl technology, they quickly realised that it was the only mobile connectivity solution that would meet their exacting requirements. The hardware was dispatched with an unlimited 4G data SIM – Niall Mulrine of Mc Callion Group said they were amazed at the fast easy setup of the solution – the site was instantly online delivering superfast, stable, secure access to Cloud applications for the whole site team.


McCallions multiple fast-paced projects across the island of Ireland now have secure internet connectivity which is unlimited, flexible, affordable and supports their remote CCTV monitoring. The i-ctrl delivers fast easy setup, peace of mind cyber security with the i-ctrl’s in-built Firewall, as well as unsurpassed performance. The nature of a construction site sees the site office relocate around the site as the project progresses. The i-ctrl is a flexible solution that moves around the site – and then on to the next project on completion.