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Case Study : Netwatch – a Global Partnership

  • Netcelero Product : i-ctrl
  • Client : Netwatch Group
  • Sector: Multi Vertical Pro-Active Video Monitoring
  • Location: Ireland, UK, Northern Europe and USA
  • Customer Since: 2014

Netcelero’s Partnership with Netwatch Delivers Unrivalled CCTV Protection

Netcelero supports Netwatch’s mission to create a fearless environment. Netcelero’s long term partnership ensures Netwatch’s communications path, to any site around the world, is resilient and secure, with an always available static IP across multiple internet connections ensuring the site is protected to the highest level.

About Netwatch

Netwatch is the World Leader in Proactive Video Monitoring.

Netwatch’s innovative technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze live video feeds and detect potential security threats in real-time. This enables Netwatch’s team of expert Intervention Specialists to respond quickly and effectively to any security breaches, before they escalate into more serious situations.

Netwatch deploys advanced video analytics software to proactively monitor and protect their clients’ properties and assets. Their innovative technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze live video feeds and detect potential security threats in real-time. Their services include live audio warnings delivered by expert Intervention Specialists who direct global operations remotely from Netwatch’s Monitoring Hubs based in Ireland, the UK and the USA. These alerts are designed to ward off potential intruders before a crime can take place.

In addition to its cutting-edge technology and world-class monitoring services, Netwatch is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Netwatch’s team of experts work closely with clients to understand their specific security needs and develop customized solutions that meet their unique requirements.

  • Live monitoring of thousands of cameras around the world
  • Monitoring hubs in Ireland, the UK and the USA

The Challenge

When an Intervention Specialist identifies a crime about to take place, they are able to interact with live announcements via on-site loudspeakers. This real-time personalised communication is a unique and effective crime prevention method.

For Netwatch’s remote CCTV monitoring to be as effective as possible, it is essential that connectivity to monitoring equipment in every location is strong and reliable. Guaranteeing this vital connectivity can be even more challenging in signal blackspot areas or when automatic failover to a backup connection is required.

Netwatch have a reputation as the best in the business, and it is imperative for them that they deliver best-in-class service at all times.

The Solution

Netcelero’s i-ctrl is a key partner of Netwatch’s proactive video monitoring service. Netcelero uses Internet connections from more than one ISP to provide unrivalled reliability and speed. This, in combination with the software’s traffic acceleration, diminishes the impact of high-latency network links. This unique solution guarantees absolute certainty of real-time connection to on-site equipment – even in remote, mobile, or temporary locations.

Netwatch understood that reliable connectivity to their customers was a key element in delivering their service and was first introduced to the Netcelero concept back in 2014. Netwatch, who have always been an early adopter of smart technology, quickly recognised the value of integrating this service into their industry-leading CCTV solution. In terms of managing their entire estate, any upgrades, configuration changes or rules can be rolled out remotely giving their technical team peace of mind that all sites are up to date and secure.


The combination of powerful and reliable internet connectivity enables Netwatch’s Intervention Specialists to confidently direct high-tech surveillance operations remotely from their Monitoring Hubs.

Netwatch now benefit from the highest level of secure access; by using Netcelero’s i-ctrl firewall, on-site equipment can be locked down to prevent exploits via back door or brute force attacks.

Netwatch’s expert technical teams now possess invaluable real-time insight through Netcelero’s powerful analytics dashboard. The dashboard gives instant visibility across their entire global estate of cameras and connections, ensuring they stay one step ahead of any potential connectivity issues, as well as enabling them to securely orchestrate remote network configuration changes, manage 4G data, and enjoy real-time visibility of onsite UPS battery charge level and approximate run time.

Remote connection diagnostics mean costly engineering visits and false alarms are minimised. Issues are identified and resolved quickly and securely by using Netcelero’s remote access via secure VPN.

Should Netwatch wish to send an engineer to site, they are able to remotely provide, and revoke, secure access to the specific engineer they are sending to site. They can allow direct access during specific timeframes to any connected device or devices as required, with a full audit log of connections made and any changes applied on site.

“By combining our advanced video monitoring and surveillance capabilities with the powerful software-defined networking solutions of Netcelero, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive and integrated approach to security that is unparalleled in the industry”

Mark Glynn, Chief Information Officer, Netwatch Group