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Case Study: Phoenix Eye – Hikvision and 4G

  • Netcelero Product: i-spi
  • Client: Phoenix Eye
  • Sector: CCTV Security Specialists
  • Location: North East England
  • Customer Since: 2021


Phoenix Eye was established in 2007 as an independent security provider in the North East. Today they are one of the UK’s leading providers of Security Solutions, with hundreds of customers trusting  Phoenix Eye to meet their ever evolving security needs. Phoenix Eye provides security services to a broad spectrum of industries from SME’s to larger enterprises and local governments.


Netcelero was contacted by Phoenix Eye in relation to a Hikvision user who was looking to upgrade their home CCTV network. They needed remote access for themselves and their ARC (whilst ensuring that the system was secure from hackers), providing peace of mind that their property is protected at all times.

The property was located in a scenic remote location which had poor fixed broadband infrastructure, so the customer was using a 4G modem, therefore a static IP was not a possibility. Drawing on their vast knowledge of CCTV systems, Phoenix Eye knew they needed to restrict remote access to the site to only VPN connectivity. They required an affordable solution that would provide VPN connectivity out of the box, regardless of what internet connection was in place.

When you factor all these complexities in to a residential project, you begin to see the difficulty most CCTV integrators face, sourcing a cost-effective solution that meets their customer’s expectations, but also doesn’t require them spending hours/days on site configuring hardware, or being called back to site continually to try and figure out why the customer (or ARC) has no VPN connectivity to the HD camera stream.


Netcelero is a trusted provider of remote secure connectivity specialising in CCTV.  Netcelero works in partnership with international businesses across many sectors,  delivering simple solutions to complex networking problems.  Netcelero is an accredited technology partner of Hikvision, the global leader in CCTV systems. Netcelero solutions are complementary to Hikvision’s cutting edge CCTV technology, transforming the communications path to ensure it is managed, resilient and possesses unparalleled security.

An i-spi from Netcelero, the smart plug and play solution which simplifies secure improved connectivity, was deployed to provide the customer and the ARC, with instant VPN connectivity to the CCTV camera’s.  Having to purchase complex expensive VPN appliances or make time consuming configuration changes to an existing network is no longer needed, as the i-spi works in parallel with any onsite equipment.

This enabled Phoenix Eye to lock down the site, ensuring  nothing gets in or out without their approval. The i-spi provides NTP services to the NVR, keeping its time up to date.

The i-spi gave Phoenix Eye  the ability to restrict inbound access to VPN users only. Each authorised user receives  their own certificate key pair, and what’s more, all VPN connections are chronologically logged to the Netcelero customer portal. This means that ONLY the authorised users with the certificate, can access camera footage. The VPN works on Windows, Mac, and Android and once connected, the Hikvision App is able to securely connect to the onsite NVR, using the IP/domain settings. The VPN has no frustrating default time out setting as other clunky systems do, therefore it is simple, fast and pain free to watch a lengthy scene or download HD footage, as it remains connected.


Phoenix Eye enjoy full control of the CCTV system and can make any configuration changes needed remotely, without having to travel to the site.  They can also remotely manage all authorised user profiles through the Netcelero Customer portal, controlling in real time, who can access their customers CCTV system and, if needed. can revoke the VPN cert of any users that are no longer authorised to access to the site. The ARC and the customer can always connect and the customers knows their 4G data usage is protected and they won’t end up with an astronomical bill – and of course they know that their property and assets are monitored 24/7.