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Case Study: Phonelink – Low Latency, HD CCTV and 5G

  • Netcelero Product: i-spi
  • Client: Phonelink Security
  • Sector: Remotely Monitored CCTV Systems
  • Location: Wicklow, Ireland
  • Customer Since: 2020
Phonelink Security are availing of the blistering speeds of 5G for CCTV monitoring, thanks to the i-spi by Netcelero.
About Phonelink Security

Phonelink Security are one of Ireland’s leading experts in Remote CCTV Monitoring in risk areas. Providing 24-hour protection to customers property using state of the art CCTV systems that can detect intruders using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, 24/7. Countermeasures such as live voice warning announcements and patrol vehicles can then be deployed to actively deter intruders detected onsite, providing the highest level of protection to their customer’s property.

The Challenge

Many of these CCTV sites do not have access to fixed-line broadband so connecting these sites to the control is always a challenge. Phonelink Security install the most advanced Dahua High Definition (HD) CCTV systems; however they were frustrated by the communications path being a barrier to enjoying unparalleled image quality and performance of Dahua HD Camera systems. The latency (delay) of their existing connectivity solution was effectively rendering the footage unusable. In order to access the footage, they had to reduce the definition of the video stream. Phonelink Security do not compromise on image quality and so needed an alternative solution – a solution that would instantly deliver HD quality video footage and real time monitoring for their customers.

They also wanted to utilise 5G and if their current solution couldn’t support LTE speeds, they knew there was no way they could start embracing 5G.

The Solution

Phonelink Security understood they needed to find a solution to the major latency issue with their existing communications provider – they were looking for more innovation in the comms path technology to support LTE and 5G. They tested the i-spi on a site that had Dahua HD cameras, which were monitored remotely over an LTE connection. And they were amazed by the difference.

Technical Director Jay Spengeman said, ‘Since we started using the i-spi from Netcelero, we no longer have to reduce the definition of our Dahua cameras because of high latency on the communications path which we had to previously – now we can enjoy crystal clear footage as well as the many other benefits that i-spi brings such as health monitoring and peace of mind that our sites are always protected, always secure and always online.’


As well as overcoming the barrier to HD footage, Phonelink Security have experienced a reduction of over 50% in callouts to sites!

This is down to the secure VPN provided by the i-spi, allowing Phonelink to connect to their sites and make changes remotely, where previously they would have had to attend the site – wasting time, money and impacting the environment.

Phonelink Security have now deployed a number of i-spi’s in combination with super-fast 5G network connectivity! They now enjoy the blistering fast speed of this technology, with cutting edge HD CCTV hardware provided by Dahua Technologies; and a secure, stable communications path facilitated by Netcelero.