Firewall Protection

Netcelero has next generation firewall protection built in

Cybercrime is a growing problem that affects everyone. Malware, viruses and the hacking of personal or valuable data can wreak havoc on both your business and your customers. Netcelero’s N3000 Series includes robust and flexible firewall functionality that offers threat prevention designed to suit your specific needs. The dashboard also offers improved visibility of any suspicious activity and real-time alerts keep you one step ahead.

Controlled Web Access Protects Your Network

With Netcelero’s firewall functionality in place, you can control a variety of activities that may otherwise leave your network exposed. Install an encrypted VPN to enable staff to securely connect to your site when using unencrypted public Wi-Fi. Use your firewall to block and alert you to suspicious activity from outside your network. It’s also easy to control what people from within your network can access on the web.

Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attack

With Netcelero it’s easy to choose the firewall protection you need, ranging from basic to secure encryption of all traffic, to ensure prevention and detection of today’s most sophisticated cyber-attack.

Manage Your Firewall Securely and Remotely

Your firewall can be entirely managed remotely via your Netcelero customer portal, preventing known and unknown threats to keep your business protected at all times.

Our Knowledgeable Technical Team Are Here to Help

By providing prompt and dependable engineering support Netcelero simplifies the installation, configuration and maintenance of your firewalls. This improves performance and throughput and keeps your network private and secure. Netcelero makes it easier to mitigate the threat of modern malware and other disruptive activities that threaten your business.

Netcelero Firewall Portal


With Netcelero you can rely on zero downtime. Use multiple ISPs for automatic failover between connections that keeps critical services running.
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Analytics Dashboard

The web-based dashboard offers real-time visibility of every single connection, all in one place and automated alerts help you stay one step ahead.
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Static IP

A static IP is available across all connections, even if you're only using 2/3/4G. Access to virtual networks and other services has never been easier.
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Easy to Deploy

Netcelero easily slots into an existing infrastructure without the need for major network changes, lengthy reconfigurations or costly downtime.
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