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Fixed IP Address for CCTV Monitoring Companies

What are the benefits of switching to a Fixed IP Address?

At Netcelero, our award-winning connectivity solutions ensure remote monitoring CCTV companies can get a fixed IP address with minimal effort. Traditionally, fixed IP addresses can be expensive and difficult to manage. However, our i-spi solution makes the process simple and affordable.

There are numerous reasons for ARCs to switch from a dynamic IP to a fixed IP address. A stable connection on a fixed IP address from Netcelero guarantees stability and unlike a dynamic IP, will not change frequently causing you to have to reconfigure the CCTV network and leave your clients vulnerable. As long as the CCTV cameras are active, you will have stable access.

How does Netcelero provide a fixed IP address?

We have developed a market-leading connectivity solution for remote monitoring companies called the i-spi. This innovative technology provides a fixed IP address from any network connection including 4G, 5G and Starlink.

Connecting to the fixed IP address is simple – all you need to do is plug the i-spi into your existing router – even just a 4G router. Once the i-spi is plugged in, our technology will transform any internet connection into a secure communications path from on-site cameras to any ARC. We have developed this solution to ensure monitoring companies are always in control of the CCTV system as you can configure immediately without the need to wait for vendor support.

Another major benefit of using the i-spi to create a fixed IP address is that you can solve any on-site issues remotely without the need for a site visit. For example, the intelligent Netcelero software automatically provides a secure tunnel to access the NVR, meaning time consuming site visits are a thing of the past.

Why is switching to a fixed IP address important?

Remote monitoring companies have faced many difficulties in the past as the connectivity path was unstable and ensuring quality connectivity often proved to be a complex task. Quick fix solutions like deploying a single connection such as a 4G SIM (which has a dynamic IP), as a communications path are troublesome and only work in the short-term.

Unfortunately, these connections often fail and disconnect regularly as the IP keeps changing. This is a major issue for remote monitoring companies as they completely lose access to their clients’ CCTV cameras which leave the premises vulnerable and the ARC exposed.

The i-spi operates in parallel with the client’s onsite equipment to ensure the connectivity is stable.

Automatic Failover Ensures CCTV Connectivity

Our leading connectivity i-ctrl software continually monitors the connection from the CPE to our network. If there is an outage of more than 15 seconds, we automatically switch to our backup connection. This guarantees that you do not lose access to the client’s cameras.

Our failover process is specifically designed to maintain the fixed IP address in the event of a failover, which means that although you may see a brief drop, you will keep the same IP address. This avoids requiring any manual intervention and ensures the communications path continues to operate without any issues.

When the primary connection is re-established, the tunnel will automatically fail back to the primary connection. This whole process is completed in 30-60 seconds, ensuring live streaming continues, even in the event one of your fixed connections (with a fixed IP address) degrades or is maliciously attacked.

Does a fixed IP address ensure cyber security?

Any CCTV monitoring company needs to ensure the connectivity is protected from online threats like hackers and cyber-attack. This is an area of growing concern for all businesses operating in the online landscape, and one where any single 4G connection is vulnerable.

The i-ctrl solution ensures your site is completely safe as we have developed a robust and flexible firewall protection to guarantee security. Again, our firewall protection is designed with simplicity in mind, all you need do is choose the firewall protection you needed for your specific project. There are multiple firewall options from basic to secure encryption.

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While our solutions are at the forefront of secure connectivity technology, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality customer service. Our expert team are happy to discuss the i-spi or i-ctrl solutions with fixed IP addresses, with remote monitoring companies or system integrators. Please feel free to contact us with any queries and we can bring you through all of the options available.