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Netcelero’s Tailored Solutions for Specific Industries

Our Customers are Our Focus

At Netcelero, we take great pride in working with businesses from a wide range of industries. We are a trusted provider of agile connectivity solutions for industries ranging from renewable energy to retail.

Our specialist team takes the time to work with each individual client to ensure their unique requirements are met. We work with our customers to identify the challenges that are holding them back and develop a strategy to ensure the issues are resolved.

Phoenix Eye

Phoenix Eye are an independent security provider. We regularly work with security businesses who plan and manage CCTV network upgrades, to ensure their customers’ premises are always protected. Phoenix Eye often have customers whose premises are in an area with poor broadband infrastructure which meant they were using a 4G modem, therefore a static IP was not a possibility.

Phoenix Eye needed an affordable solution that would provide VPN connectivity despite the poor internet connection. Our i-spi solution was deployed to provide Phoenix Eye’s customer and their ARC with instant VPN connectivity to their CCTV cameras. This meant huge savings as they did not need to purchase expensive VPN appliances as the i-spi works in parallel with any onsite equipment.

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Tavistock Computer and Network Solutions

Tavistock computer and networking solutions are a one-stop shop for CCTV, data networking and IT services, operating in an area with poor fibre availability. There was a need for a bespoke solution for a customer that would enable them to use 4G and VoIP. Their current VoIP calls were not working, with calls regularly being dropped which was causing frustration for both the business and their customers.

There were two key issues that needed to be addresses to resolve the VoIP issues. There was an urgent need for faster broadband speeds and fixed IP needed to be put in place. The Netcelero i-ctrl was installed to provide reliable, secure connectivity. All the Tavistock technical team had to do was simply plug the 4G+ router into the i-ctrl and they had instant access to a high speed 4G+ connection. The i-ctrl also enabled Tavistock to monitor the system and make any system changes remotely.

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McCallion Group

McCallion Group operate within the construction industry and are a market leading company specialising in design and build contracts. They rely heavily on a secure internet connection, and this was proving difficult during projects as it can take months for a fixed line to be installed in construction sites. This was delaying project delivery and meant that McCallion were not able to remotely monitor the CCTV cameras in construction sites.

In order to provide a high-speed connectivity solution that could be mobilised quickly and wouldn’t be limited by data, the Netcelero i-ctrl was introduced. The hardware was dispatched with an unlimited 4G data sim and the internet connectivity was instantly in place.


Cloudforests are a social enterprise focused on climate change. They create unique forests along the west coast of Ireland and use video technology for live streaming, and need a reliable connections path to provide secure and fast connectivity solutions.

Finding an affordable, fast internet connection was proving difficult for Cloudforests. Another issue was the lack of a fixed IP on available local internet connections that was needed to utilise the latest technology solutions for their videos.

The plug ‘n’ play i-spi solution was utilised here to simplify secure connectivity. All they needed to do was plug their Starlink connection into the device and they had instant satellite connectivity. They were also able to configure remote CCTV monitoring and view insights through the Netcelero analytics dashboard.


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If you have any queries or issues around the area of secure connectivity for your business or industry, please feel free to contact us today. A member of our expert team will be delighted to help.