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Password Management: an Important Issue

Vulnerability of CCTV systems is widely known  – however there are simple steps that System Integrators should always take to minimise these vulnerabilities.

Let’s start with passwords. Most CCTV cameras come with a default username and password. Obviously the first step a System Integrator takes when installing a new CCTV site is changing these right?

Unfortunately not!

And when the System Integrator changes the password from the default, we often see it is changed to something ‘easy’ to remember, such as six numbers or lowercase letters.

How long does that take for a hacker to brute force….instantly – according to Hive Systems.

password brute force

EASY to remember means EASY to hack.

We are often asked this question and our answer is simple. There are many steps you can take to secure a CCTV system, such as investing in high end firewalls – however the most effective, yet affordable step you can take, is to install an i-spi, by Netcelero.

Because Netcelero have been developing smart SaaS solutions for CCTV monitoring for nearly a decade – we know the industry, we know the hardware, and we know the risks. 

We are on a mission to Simplify Secure Connectivity for remote CCTV monitoring and that’s why smart System Integrators partner with Netcelero, because we are the trusted experts and they know they can rely on our software to secure their CCTV network, on any internet connection, in any location.

Thanks to Hive Systems for the insightful brute force info, which can be found here.

Please remember to always change default passwords on any device, to something bullet proof – preferably to an 18 character mix of numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols – hackers will soon lose interest and move on!