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Simplifying Containment

There are many articles floating around the web about how state actors could in theory use XYZ brand of NVR or camera to spy on your business.

We are yet to come across a state actor meddling in someone’s camera system, however we do get asked this question a lot and our answer is simple. You can easily lock the CCTV network down with an i-ctrl.

Lock it down to the point where only you and your ARC can talk to it. This allows you to choose the manufacturer that provides the most appropriate solutions for your specific project needs.

All you need to know is the public IP addresses that your ARC use, and they will be more than happy to provide these.

Then on the i-ctrl we run an NTP service, so your camera and NVR can get their time from us, and we block all other traffic out.

When the NVR needs to send an alarm, it can only send it to the ARC; and the ARC is only able to view footage when connecting from its IP addresses. Simple Secure Connectivity.

And if you or the client needs access, you can connect to the site via a certificate based VPN service with end to end encryption.

Ok, so you may be sitting there saying, sure any decent firewall can do that! And yes you are correct – you can set up and license a Fortigate, Sonicwall or Palo Alto to do these things, but CCTV System Integrators are experts at CCTV, most of them do not wish to have to become CyberSecurity and IT experts in one of these platforms for less than 1% of their client base.

That’s why all the smart System Integrators just use an i-ctrl from Netcelero and tell us what their client needs. And because Netcelero are the experts in Secure Connectivity, they know they can rely on our software to secure their CCTV network.