Connectivity that keeps an entire branch network online

For financial institutions with large branch networks - such as building societies or credit unions - a robust internet connection isn't just a 'nice to have': it's a regulatory requirement. By delivering much-needed resilience and visibility into every connection, Netcelero’s cloud solution takes the headache out of network security audit compliance.

Resilient Connection

Branches never suffer from downtime

Installing Netcelero's solution at every branch enables an entire network to maintain resilient connections back to Head Office. This all-important resilience ensures that data always flows through critical ERP systems and other business applications. Not only does this ensure that services to customer are always available, but in an increasingly regulated environment, it offers peace of mind that vital real-time offsite back-ups and other business critical processes will be performed on schedule.

Robust Firewall Protection

Network security that keeps customer data safe

Netcelero offers multiple levels of firewall protection. Financial branch networks are better able to protect their data and services, including an encrypted VPN, web access control and malware alerts. Crucially, Netcelero also simplifies the burden of audit compliance and delivers the resilience needed for effective network security. Having these safeguards in place allows them to concentrate on growing and managing their business.

Static IP Address

A static IP - even with cellular connections

Even branches in remote locations are easily able to enjoy improved connectivity, protecting them from the security risks that downtime causes. And, should connectivity in any branch rely upon SIM cards (whether that’s as a backup or the primary connection), you’re able to assign a globally routable static IP address that enables continued access to business critical services, even if any connection goes down.

Easy to Deploy

Each branch is up and running within minutes

Netcelero is an affordable solution that is easy to deploy across national and even international borders. Non-technical staff are able to plug the hardware into their network, and offsite technical staff can continue to manage the connectivity centrally through Netcelero's proprietary cloud network.

Analytics Dashboard

Powerful analytics from across your branch network at your fingertips

Thanks to Netcelero’s proprietary cloud network, it’s easy to remotely monitor the status of every connection in every branch. The unique web-based dashboard displays a variety of real-time key performance indicators, such as the speed of each connection and whether any are down. Customisable Email and SMS alerts keep your IT support team informed and able to respond proactively to any issues – this ability to troubleshoot remotely keeps every branch connected 24/7.

“The redundancy that Netcelero provides for some of our financial services customers is invaluable. Efficient and reliable communications is a must for any business today.” Sales Director - NSSL Limited
The Netcelero portal gives you remote real-time visibility of all connections across your entire branch network