Connectivity designed for the way people buy cars

Technology has changed the way people buy cars and for high end branch networks to retain their premium position, fast reliable internet is a necessity. Customers and staff enjoy a superior buying experience whilst staff at headquarters rely on secure communications throughout the dealership.

Resilient Connection

Keeping your dealership connected and your customers satisfied

No matter where they’re located, Netcelero enables Dealers across a network to combine connections from multiple providers to give them single fast resilient broadband connections with maximum bandwidth. Should any single connection go offline, failover ensures there’s no impact on the overall service and business continuity is guaranteed.

Fast reliable internet connections across the network ensures the most complete range of vehicles is available online. Prospective customers enjoy streamlined online research and spectacular photos from the comfort of their own home. Meanwhile, customers are also able to book service appointments using real-time availability, giving them an easy and convenient booking process … and they can even enjoy fast reliable Wi-Fi whilst they wait. Other enhancements, like instant chat with dealer representatives, further enrich the customers’ experience.

Static IP Address

A static IP - even with cellular connections

With Netcelero it’s easy to assign a static IP address to any connection. This enables SIM cards to be used and this resilience is vital for running a VoIP telephone system, accounting and other services. A globally routable static IP address also maintains 24/7 access to critical online stock management services.

Onsite CCTV is more secure as live streaming is not affected by malicious attempts to interfere with the fixed line that’s connected to the cameras – footage continues to stream using other connections.

In addition to all of this, more efficient fleet management is also obtained through instant access to cloud-based real time tracking systems, offering improved efficiency across the network.

Analytics Dashboard

Enabling IT staff to remotely troubleshoot issues

Thanks to Netcelero’s unique cloud services, it’s easy to remotely monitor the status of every connection. With so much online pressure, there just isn’t time to spend hours trouble-shooting an issue. Netcelero’s web-based dashboard displays a variety of real-time key performance indicators, such as the speed of each connection and whether any are down – critical when customers are ready to buy.

Customisable email and SMS alerts keep the IT support team informed and able to respond proactively to any issues, keeping your Dealership connected and your customers satisfied.

Easy to Deploy

Onsite staff at Dealerships can connect Netcelero within minutes

Netcelero is an affordable solution that is easy to deploy across national and even international borders. Non-technical staff are able to plug the hardware into their network, and offsite technical staff can continue to manage the connectivity centrally through Netcelero's proprietary cloud network.

Robust Firewall Protection

Helping you to keep sensitive data safe

Netcelero offers multiple levels of firewall protection. Dealerships are better able to protect customer data, confidential information and implement other services, including an encrypted VPN, web access control and malware alerts. Having these safeguards in place allows them to concentrate on growing and managing their business.

"We successfully use Netcelero across five sites. We rarely need to call upon their support team but when setting up the units, their service and support was second to none!" Joe Duffy BMW Car Dealership
The Netcelero portal gives you remote real-time visibility of all connections across your entire car showroom network