Simple, Clever and Robust Solutions for all your CCTV requirements

Poor connectivity is the source of many issues experienced by CCTV monitoring companies. Cameras in remote locations rely on 4G connections, yet struggle to get a much-needed static IP address. And, when a camera goes down, it can be hard to know which DVR or NVR connection is experiencing problems. Hacking is also a major issue with even a single ‘back door’ leaving an entire CCTV camera network vulnerable to costly security breaches and malware.

The power of our solutions lies in the simplicity of their design for the customer. They provide superior internet connectivity with real-time data, accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. Cybersecurity is at the heart of our innovation. Our solutions run parallel to existing networks, eliminating risk of attack. Learn more about the Netcelero flagship products 3000 Series and i-sPi.

Static IP Address

A globally routable static IP - even with cellular connections

Netcelero’s clever cloud-based solution, paired with onsite hardware, can fail over a Public IP address, regardless of the type of connection: even if you’re only using 4G. This enables high definition cameras to be installed anywhere, including remote locations or in connectivity blackspots. Not only that, if you’re using 4G connections for live streaming, you’re probably worried about data usage. Netcelero’s web-based analytics dashboard puts you in control by enabling you to monitor data usage, or manage daily / weekly limits.

Resilient Connection

Cameras keep streaming, whatever happens

Netcelero delivers the reliable internet connection needed for a customer’s cameras to work anywhere, enabling you to provide a permanently reliable service to your clients. For uninterrupted remote access - anywhere, use Netcelero, to securely and robustly connect CCTVs in remote locations, even where a fixed line isn’t readily available. Netcelero’s innovative cloud-based solution, paired with on-site hardware, easily slots into your existing infrastructure and combines your existing connections to deliver the failover you need. Not only that ... if a fixed line is vandalised, constant live streaming continues, as the internet connection seamlessly fails over to the back up.

As an added bonus, our TCP acceleration feature gives you high-definition video streams from your site, anywhere on the globe. Even over high latency connections.

Robust Firewall Protection

Preventing malicious activity against cameras everywhere

Effective security is crucial in the world of the internet of things. NVRs, DVRs, and IP cameras can have back doors and vulnerable authentication systems, which leave your network exposed to online attacks. Potentially using up your data allowance, getting you blacklisted by your ISP, and doing critical damage to your brand’s hard-earned reputation.

With our solution between your network and the internet, Netcelero acts as a shield against these threats, and monitors activity coming in and out. Each Netcelero solution offers multiple levels of firewall protection that can be set depending on specific requirements. Got some equipment that needs to be restricted from accessing the internet? Our Click-to-Deploy VPN gives you exclusive one-way access to your devices, with absolute peace of mind.

Analytics Dashboard

Visibility across your entire estate of cameras

If there’s a fault, sending engineers to troubleshoot is time consuming and expensive. With Netcelero’s web-based analytics dashboard, you have an experienced engineer in the palm of your hand. Keeping you one step ahead of any problems, while monitoring data usage, connection speeds, and even hardware like UPS batteries.

  • Customise your dashboard view from a wide variety of real-time key performance indicators
  • Monitor 4G data usage to help avoid ‘bill shock’
  • Perform routine actions on any camera from the monitoring control centre – including reboots and configuration changes
  • Set up email and SMS alerts to keep engineers proactively informed 24/7
  • Enjoy unrivalled visibility across your entire estate of connections
  • As your dashboard is web-based, your team can access it from anywhere – including desktops, tablets and phones

Netcelero is your trusted CCTV connectivity partner
Whether you need robust connectivity in remote locations, or suffer from time-consuming callouts that turn out to be false alarms, Netcelero offers intelligent failover, remote visibility of all sites and much more. Our knowledgeable technical team are closely involved in the successful implementation of your Netcelero solution and remain on hand for any technical support.

“Netwatch have been using the Netcelero devices for over 5 years now for Irish and US clients. The devices have provided mission critical communication paths with cellular failover in hundreds of client installations. We have been impressed with the hardware and more importantly the complete services provided; our engineers love the setup as it just works out of the box, and our monitoring Hub staff love the service because it gives them visibility and control over the communication path between us and the client at all times.” Niall Kelly, Co-Founder, Netwatch Group
The Netcelero portal gives you remote real-time visibility of your entire CCTV monitoring network