Fast reliable internet:
even on a construction site

Smart construction firms use Netcelero to enable fast reliable connectivity in all of their construction site offices. There isn't time (and very often nor is there the opportunity) to wait for a fixed line to be installed. With Netcelero, it only takes just minutes for onsite staff to get online with a fast reliable internet connection easily obtained from up to four SIM cards.

Static IP Address

Fast access to Citrix and other critical systems

A globally routable static IP address is vital for construction firms to maintain access to critical online services such as Citrix and Office 365. However this usually isn’t possible with a mobile internet connection. With Netcelero, a static IP address is easily available even when using just 3 and 4G connections.

Construction firms are also able to install high definition CCTV cameras anywhere security is an issue. Not only does Netcelero provide the bandwidth needed for quality footage, it provides the resilience needed if a fixed line is cut due to malicious damage. Constant live streaming continues as the internet connection seamlessly fails over to the back-up, thanks to the static IP that Netcelero provides. With theft from construction sites on the rise, this added protection is vital when combatting high value crime in vulnerable areas and reduces the need for costly security patrols.

Resilient Connection

A connection you can rely on

By using connections from more than one provider, Netcelero is able to ensure failover of the static IP address. This resilience is vital for real time updates to site plans and other critical information. And with the improved bandwidth and reliable connection, it’s easy to add further services such as a VoIP telephone system.

Easy to Deploy

Onsite staff can connect Netcelero within minutes

Waiting for a DSL broadband connection to be ordered and installed is a thing of the past. Each Netcelero unit is pre-configured, making it easy to deploy by non-technical onsite staff. The Netcelero device sits discreetly in the site office and delivers a fast stable internet connection using up to four SIM cards. Using multiple ISPs allows online services to be accessed with complete confidence – even in the middle of a building site.

Robust Firewall Protection

Helping you to keep sensitive data safe

Each Netcelero solution offers multiple levels of firewall protection that can be set depending on specific requirements. When space is a premium in every site office, construction firms can rely on Netcelero to deliver the firewall settings they need to protect their complex real-time supply chain and other online services.

Analytics Dashboard

Enabling IT staff to remotely troubleshoot issues

Thanks to Netcelero’s proprietary cloud network, it’s easy to remotely monitor the status of every connection. The web-based dashboard displays a variety of real-time key performance indicators, including the status and battery life of onsite UPS’s. Email and SMS alerts keep IT staff at head office informed and able to respond proactively to any issues. Not only that, being able to remotely troubleshoot saves time and reduces any downtime.

"Our single 3G SIM simply wasn't strong enough to support the technology needed to drive the complex real-time supply chain for a large construction site. Netcelero came in and provided an instant solution." John Paul Construction
The Netcelero portal gives you remote real-time visibility of your construction sites, every connection in every portacabin