Does poor internet stifle your staff productivity?

Retail outlets and leisure venues have competing online requirements every day. Whether it’s credit card transactions, a music system, high definition CCTV streaming, fast customer WiFi, or high capacity viewings of live sporting events, Netcelero helps venues keep customers satisfied and the tills ringing.

Resilient Connection

Rely on a connection that’s up to the job

By using multiple ISPs, Netcelero can bond up to six different connections to create a single fast resilient connection that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Netcelero also enables credit card machine transactions to be prioritised over other traffic and the customer experience is enhanced as they enjoy fast and secure Wi-Fi even at peak times.

With a resilient connection, onsite CCTV is more secure as live streaming is not affected by malicious attempts to interfere with the fixed line that’s connected to the cameras. The backup to SIM is seamless and live streaming continues.

Static IP Address

Netcelero ensures back office systems keep running

Combining several connections brings peace of mind as business continuity is guaranteed. There’s no drop in any service should a connection goes down and not only that, a static IP address can also be assigned to the connection - even when a fixed line isn’t readily available and SIM cards are used. This resilience is vital for running a VoIP telephone system, accounting and other services. The globally routable static IP address also maintains 24/7 access to critical online stock and inventory management services.

Analytics Dashboard

Enabling IT staff to remotely troubleshoot issues

Thanks to Netcelero’s unique cloud services, it’s easy to remotely monitor the status of every connection. With so much online pressure, there just isn’t time to spend hours trouble-shooting an issue. Netcelero’s web-based dashboard displays a variety of real-time key performance indicators, such as the speed of each connection and whether any are down – critical when customers are ready to buy.

Customisable email and SMS alerts keep the IT support team informed and able to respond proactively to any issues, keeping your Dealership connected and your customers satisfied.

Easy to Deploy

Onsite staff can connect Netcelero within minutes

Netcelero is an affordable solution that is easy to deploy in every branch, outlet or venue in a chain. Non-technical staff are able to plug the hardware in at their network, and offsite technical staff can continue to manage the connectivity centrally through the Netcelero Cloud. And as Netcelero uses available connections, there’s no need to install a costly leased line or license link, making it an affordable solution for businesses of any size to implement.

Robust Firewall Protection

Helping you to keep sensitive data safe

Netcelero offers multiple levels of firewall protection. The venue is better able to protect confidential information and implement other services, including an encrypted VPN, web access control and malware alerts.

Netcelero can do even more ...
Not only that, this improved WiFi provision further drives customer loyalty as the venue is able to confidently participate in big brand digital marketing strategies.
“Netcelero has made a big difference to our business. CCTV and credit card machines need to take priority with our broadband line, but we still wanted to give customers a great online experience. With Netcelero they’re no longer unhappy with the Wi-Fi, meaning our team can focus on serving drinks and ensuring everyone has a great night … and customers can let their friends know via social media using our fast Wi-Fi!” The Eden House, Dublin
The Netcelero portal gives you remote real-time visibility of onsite connectivity to ensure critical transactions are seamless