Static IP

Use 4G SIMs and still connect to critical real-time services

With Netcelero a static IP address can be assigned to any connection or combinations thereof, including just 4G connections. All you need is power and a signal to have a globally routable connection … anywhere.

Clever Technology for a Simple Solution

Netcelero creates a tunnel over the internet connections so that they all appear as a single link. This single bonded connection is where Netcelero assigns the static IP address, and means that regardless of which connections you use, or if any fail, the static IP address remains visible. Static IPs are not usually available with mobile connections, but thanks to this clever tunnelling, with Netcelero it’s easy.

Benefit from Multiple 4G Connections!

Netcelero can bond up to four 4G connections using dongles and SIM cards. And by using different ISPs, you’ll not only have a faster speed but the all-important reliability needed to support multiple users all accessing virtual networks and other services.

Your Office is Anywhere You Need it to Be

Connecting to real time critical networks such as Citrix or Office 365 is now easy even with just mobile SIMs, meaning your office is up and running from the day you plug into Netcelero, with no delay whilst waiting for fixed line services.

Essential for Any Business

A static IP address is a technical requirement for any business. It makes it easier for staff to remotely access your network or running secure systems. It’s also essential to host a website, run a server, get direct emails, run CCTV and set up an internet-based telephone system. With Netcelero you’ll get the static IP addresses you need for your business.


With Netcelero you can rely on zero downtime. Use multiple ISPs for automatic failover between connections that keeps critical services running.
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Analytics Dashboard

The web-based dashboard offers real-time visibility of every single connection, all in one place and automated alerts help you stay one step ahead.
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Easy to Deploy

Netcelero easily slots into an existing infrastructure without the need for major network changes, lengthy reconfigurations or costly downtime.
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Firewall Protection

With adaptable firewall protection you'll have the level of encryption and access that's right for your business.
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