• What is Netcelero?

    Netcelero are the connectivity experts. Our innovative cloud solutions ensure that our customers enjoy improved internet connectivity with a fixed IP address across all connections, as well as access to real-time data anywhere, enhanced security, and a wealth of key analytics at their fingertips. Netcelero offers a range of solutions designed to meet every businesses specific needs. Because we have developed our own hardware, software and cloud core, we can tailor our solutions to fit the needs of any project. Call us today to discuss your connectivity challenges and we are sure we can help you solve them – cost effectively and securely.

  • Does Netcelero work with all connection types and ISP’s?

    Yes, our software solutions work with all ISP’s, all mobile networks and all technology types – fibre, wireless, Starlink, DSL, 5G, 4G, 3G, satellite, or even 2G. Our software solutions are all technology and operator agnostic giving you unmatched reliability. Netcelero optimises and secures any internet connection , any where.

  • Are there any speed limitations with Netcelero?

    There are not really any limits….our smart software secures and optimises the speed of any internet connections. We recommend deploying a high gain omni antenna in conjunction with any Netcelero solution to ensure optimum 4G speeds. Our technical support engineers are trusted experts in mobile connectivity so contact us to talk 4G, 4G+ and 5G.

  • Can I use Netcelero for CCTV monitoring?

    Yes, Netcelero is perfect for remote CCTV monitoring. The i-spi was developed specifically for remote CCTV monitoring. This nifty solution simplifies secure CCTV monitoring, by providing 4 easily configurable port forwards and a static IP on any connection, even just a 4G SIM. Seamless integration with Sentinel and Immix alarm software ensures monitoring centre can react and manage any onsite issue, remotely, instantly.

  • How do I know which of Netcelero’s innovative software solutions, meet my business needs?

    The i-ctrl secures two 4G connections (or even just one, in combination with a fixed line connection) and assigns a static IP across the connections, which can be used to access the cameras directly. Netcelero’s firewall ensures protection from hacking, and as all traffic is encrypted, this ensures GDPR compliance. For maximum resilience, we recommend that you use connections from two different operators/mobile networks. However, if the site only has coverage from one mobile network, Netcelero can STILL ensure resilience by forcing the primary SIM on to that operators 4G network and the secondary SIM on to their 3G network.

  • Netcelero has launched a new product, the i-spi. What is the CCTV Industry saying about this new solution?

    The feedback from the industry is fantastic – the i-spi is a magic box – it does the trick and something that we will be using every site which requires remote monitoring – it is absolute fantastic product. I can go on and on, but it just works and the support from the techical team is absolutely top notch!

  • Can I port forward using Netcelero?

    Yes, port forwarding is supported….and is easy. With the i-spi, the software scans the local network for devices, you permit the device to connect to your NVR, add your port forwards (up to 4) and that’s it. The port forwards are always in YOUR control. Secure CCTV connectivity has never been so simple and affordable.

  • How many links can I use with the i-ctrl?

    The i-ctrl combines multiple connections, up to six! As our solutions are technology and operator agnostic, we can combine any connections from fibre to wireless, DSL to dongle, from any ISP (even starlink) or 4G SIMs from any Mobile Network Provider. Unlike other basic failover solutions on the market, none of the links need to be fixed line. Netcelero’s smart solutions provide a static IP across SIM(s) giving you peace of mind that your sites have secure resilient instant connectivity, in any location.

  • How does Netcelero’s i-ctrl solution combine multiple connections?

    Netcelero’s i-ctrl combines, secures and protects multiple connections – it comprises a pre-configured Netcelero device on site, combining the latest processors and wireless modules with power efficient technology. The device connects to our unique cloud-based software, to deliver its many benefits. Our unique proposal is in a different class to any other failover solution as it incorporates a next generation pfSense firewall and can combine 4G connections – AND your static IP remains the same, no matter what connection is primary…even if it’s running on 4G.

  • How does the i-ctrl differ from other Software solutions offering automatic failover for continuous uptime?

    The i-ctrl provides a static IP (multiple IP’s if needed), traffic encryption, automated monitoring and alerts, ability to manage data pool usage as well as a wealth of analytics on your the key performance indicators which matter to you. Our cloud services are ISO27001 certified, to keep your sites securely connected 24/7. You do not need a data centre or a static IP – we provide this as part of the solution. Our proprietary hardware ensures SIM’s are easy to manage, with a static IP – an immediate cost effective fast resilient connection even on 4G only.

  • What is the difference between Netcelero’s automatic failover, and a cold failover ?

    With a cold failover, you will lose your connection to any cloud based or real time services while the software, or a staff member, transfers to your secondary connection. The failback to the primary connection can also be unreliable. Netcelero’s automatic failover to 4G ensures continuity of cloud and real time services – aside from a matter of second’s freeze of any real time service – without any requirement for intervention. It is self-healing and self-protecting to ensure your connection continues in spite of an outage or degradation on one of the connections.

  • How is this different from load balancing?

    With basic load balancing, if a link drops, any real time processing is dropped, meaing the session is terminated and needs to be restarted – extremely frustrating and productivity affecting. If a link drops with Netcelero, the session is maintained through the combined connections, and processing is unaffected by the issue on one of the underlying connections.

  • How does Netcelero deal with different latencies on lines, especially when I’m using different ISP’s ie adapt to out of sequence packets?

    Our software is smart and adapts to line latency and performance in real-time, to optimize data throughput and ensure packet order is maintained, even over multiple connections.

  • How will I know my main connection is down, if I have automatic failover?

    Your Netcelero Analytics Portal gives you visibility of all connections at any of your sites, no matter where you are. As part of your solution, you can nominate who you wish to be alerted (and by which communication method such as email or SMS) of any number of key performance indicators specific to your key objectives, such as a link being down or power failing over to your onsite UPS.

  • What is the Netcelero Analytics Portal?

    If you are managing multiple CPEs across different sites, Netcelero’s unique cloud-based customer portal provides invaluable remote visibility across your entire estate, on one dashboard. This includes the status of every connection, each network, availability, data usage and a wealth of analytics. You can even apply data limits to any SIM, to alert you if you are nearing the data allowance. To access your secure customer portal, please contact the Netcelero Technical Support team for your unique MFA access details.

  • How do I log in for technical support or access to my Netcelero Analytics portal?

    Please contact our Support Team via email [email protected] or call us on +1800810005 (IE) or +03301222640 (UK) or +8574000708 (US)

  • Can I continue to use the DSL/fibre line for telephone calls, if I install Netcelero?

    Yes, your telephone calls will be unaffected but your DSL/fibre will be optimised and secured – and you will get value from the link. Many businesses are paying for additional lines that they do not need. Call our technical support team today to find out how you can make sure you are getting the most out of the connections your ISP is billing you for.

  • Can I run VoIP services over Netcelero?

    Many Netcelero customers use VoIP over Netcelero. It’s best to have a chat with our Support Team.

  • Does Netcelero support VPN traffic?

    Yes it does, but your particular configuration may require a routed node. It’s best to have a chat with our Support Team – we love talking about VPN’s.

  • Can Netcelero’s software solutions provide a layer 2 VPN to my site, allowing me to remotely access discovery tools such as Hikvision SADP

    Yes, the i-ctrl can deploy layer 2 or layer 3 VPNs, enabling you to utilise any layer 2 discovery tools remotely, negating the need for having to go to site. Critically, Netcelero removes the inherent security risks of discovery tools that have been proven to have been used for both cyber espionage and criminal activity.

  • I have a commercial project that I need connectivity for – can Netcelero provide secure reliable connectivity for temporary projects?

    Yes, call our Technical team today to discuss your requirements and hear about other connectivity challenges we have solved for customers with bespoke requirements. From connectivity for thermal imaging camera, to people counting software at mass events with congested mobile networks, even proactive video monitoring for sea turtle conservation projects. As we have developed our own hardware, software and core infrastructure, we have the flexibility to deliver secure connectivity for your bespoke projects.

  • Will Netcelero work outside of the UK and Ireland?

    Yes, Netcelero can be deployed worldwide on any new or existing connection. We keep many customers around the globe securely connected and our software is compatible with all the key mobile networks across Northern Europe, Asia and the US. Not only that but with tools such as geo-locking, you can define which countries you wish to allow connections from, to access your site remotely – securely of course.

  • How can I manage my mobile data bill?

    Easily…with Netcelero. Set your 4G connection on the i-ctrl, to reduced usage mode to ensure you use minimal mobile data when your main connection is working effectively. Only if your main connection fails, your business/connection to site will stay online through your mobile data link…for as long as you need it. Managing mobile network data usage through the Netcelero Analytics portal is very easy, as you can set alerts when 4G SIM reaches a certain threshold and also alerts that notify you of an unusual spike in the data usage – often an indicator of an issue on any of your primary links or malware presence. The Netcelero Analytics Portal provides real time and historical visibility of data usage on all individual connections, which puts you in control of your data.

  • What is Netcelero’s ‘reduced usage mode’ on 4G connections?

    One of the many features that customers love about the i-ctrl is the reduced 4G data usage functionality. This backup mode means a very small amount of traffic is sent across the link to monitor and maintain the connection (~90MB per calendar month). All other traffic is sent out the other links. In the event of the active link going offline, all traffic is sent over the backup link (automatic failover). Once the primary connection returns the backup link reverts to backup mode thereby not sending more data than is required…this hot failover and failback all occurs seamlessly.

  • Will Netcelero boost the mobile broadband signal?

    Netcelero optimises all data connections. When we deploy a high gain omni antenna in conjunction with any Netcelero solution, 4G data connections are significantly boosted to ensure amazing speeds and transformational reliability improvements. We can even install a high gain omni antenna for you!

  • What’s the difference between 4G and 4G+

    4G+ is enhanced 4G, offering increased speeds as the connection uses multiple bands in the 4G spectrum (called carrier aggregation), where as standard 4G uses only one band at a time. Contact our support team to hear how a 4G+ router with an i-spi can deliver blisteringly fast speeds, on just one SIM.

  • Can I use a Starlink connection with Netcelero?

    Yes you can. We have many customers using Starlink and we continue to be impressed by the high speeds and low latency of this satellite connectivity – it’s a game changer in satellite technology.

  • How can a Netcelero solution solve the issue when an IT team at a customer site will not allow CCTV on their corporate network?

    This is a common issue for System Integrators…which the i-spi can solve easily. There are two options using Netcelero – either use 5G or 4G connectivity and we can provide you with a static IP and secure your connection so you don’t need any assistance from the IT team and can by-pass them.

    Alternatively if you wish to use the internet connection the customer has provided, simply request the IT team allow traffic out to the internet from the i-spi. This means your Monitoring Centre can connect to the NVR via the i-spi, and the NVR can send out SMTP alerts via the i-spi. Your corporate user can still connect locally and you can remotely access on site equipment or features, like the Dahua virtual host, via your Netcelero secure end to end VPN. You can change your port forwards as needed via your Netcelero Analytics Portal – these are always in your control – so you are not wasting time waiting on a Support team to get back to you to apply the configuration changes.

  • What technical support is available?

    Our Expert Technical Support team is available to you…please contact our dedicated Technical Support Team on 1800-810-005 (IE) or 033-0122-2640 (UK) Or 857-4000-708 (US)

  • How can I get started using Netcelero solutions?

    Call us today on 1800810005 (IE) or 03301222640 (UK) or 8574000708 (US) or via email [email protected] and we’ll have you securely connected in no time.

  • What equipment do I need?

    Netcelero solutions comprise two parts – one small intelligent on-site device, which will slot easily into any network, comms room or site, and our unique centralised cloud network. Netcelero solutions are easy to deploy – simplifying secure connectivity.

  • What is the average deployment lead time?

    Netcelero’s ease of deployment means that if you have internet connectivity, the device can be slotted in to your network (even by non-techncial staff) and is online immediately – innovative plug and play – Netcelero solutions remove the complexity of secure networking.

  • How much does Netcelero cost?

    Netcelero offers cost effective ‘Software as a Service’ solution (SaaS). Our solutions comprise the purchase of an intelligent on-site device , which is connected to our unique centralised cloud network, using innovative connection-combining software for either a monthly or annual SaaS fee for a cost effective enterprise grade resilient secure network solution.

  • How can I access Netcelero’s terms and conditions?

    Click here to view Netcelero’s terms and conditions.

  • Where can I access Netcelero’s acceptable use policy?

    Click here to view Netcelero’s acceptable use policy.

  • How do I find out more information about becoming a Netcelero distributor?

    Netcelero partners with a select number of CCTV distributors who share our commitment to customer service and driving innovation in our industry. Our Distribution Partner Programme differentiates your business from your competitors, by enabling you to drive growth by offering a unique solution to any System integrators as they can enjoy the freedom to complete projects deploying the most advanced technology hardware, safe in the knowledge that Netcelero has taken care of their networking. Through co-marketing opportunities, simplified order processing and a secure Distributor Partner portal, Netcelero supports your business to deliver a unique innovative product that we know your customers need.

    Find out more about becoming a distributor.

  • My question is not answered here, how can I get more information?

    We’re always looking to help solve any connectivity issue – it’s why we are the trusted secure connectivity experts. Please contact us in the UK on 033 0122 2640 or in Ireland on 1800-810-005 or for mainland USA it’s 857-4000-708. Alternatively please get in touch via this contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

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