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The Importance of CCTV Monitoring for Construction Sites

The Importance of CCTV Monitoring for Construction Sites

Construction Site CCTV monitoring is now as fundamental to the efficiency, effectiveness, and success of a construction project, as the delivery of critical materials.

Construction Site CCTV Security Systems

Smart cameras with the latest technology greatly enhance the ability to monitor and manage a project, and with construction costs forecast to rise by over 14 percent by the end of 2022 (according to CBRE’s new Construction Cost Index), having complete peace of mind that a construction site is secure and the live camera footage always accessible, is invaluable.

Depending on specific requirements, there are various construction site CCTV security systems that can be used to achieve safety objectives, minimise delays and downtime, as well as manage site security threats.

Identifying the optimal construction site CCTV security systems, ARC, and communications path, enhance your ability to securely monitor and manage a site remotely.

The Importance of CCTV Monitoring on a Building Site

Shockingly, the cost of theft and vandalism in the UK construction industry in 2020 was at least £800 million. As building materials, tools, and equipment have such a high resale value and scarcity, construction site theft incidents continue to surge across Ireland and the UK in 2022. This is why a comprehensive site crime prevention strategy including a reliable, high-quality remotely monitored CCTV system, is a necessary investment.

Because no two construction site projects are the same, protecting these high-risk, high-value environments is complex. Identifying the optimal building site CCTV Monitoring systems and communications path enables sites to be securely monitored remotely, whilst delivering sizable cost savings, compared to manned patrols nightly and all weekend.

Tips for Effective Construction Site CCTV Monitoring

Even a basic preventative security system that detects an intruder as soon as they set foot on the site perimeter reduces the likelihood that an unwanted intruder will go on to the construction site. However there are many advanced options available that can dramatically reduce the cost of onsite security and risk, such as:

Solar Powered CCTV Towers

Solar Construction Site CCTV Towers are an ideal solution used throughout Ireland & UK building sites and outdoor venues. These can be hired and are ideal for short or medium term projects.  These robust towers contain autonomous batteries and solar recharging panels ensuring that CCTV surveillance remains in operation continuously. Construction CCTV Towers are easily deployable without the need for electricity or fixed line internet, meaning a site can be remotely monitored immediately to reduce risk, prevent anti-social behaviour, and protect equipment.

Fixed CCTV Systems

Fixed CCTV cameras are well suited to longer-term projects, with a vast range of sizes and capture functions to adapt seamlessly to any site layout. The system will provide total perimeter protection, with 24/7 secure monitoring ensuring that antisocial behavior or criminal damage does not impact the project at any time.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are a key component of a cohesive site security strategy to prevent unauthorised access and ensure maximum safety on site.  These remotely managed access control systems are a core component of construction site security.

Intelligent systems such as Digital Card entry access provide a real-time auditable log of who is on-site at any particular point in the project, and remote authorisation of vehicle access twenty-four hours a day protects construction sites from theft and unauthorised access.

Features of an Effective CCTV Remote Monitoring System

Having a high-quality monitored CCTV system in place also offers many other benefits alongside  safety, increased productivity, and cost efficiency, such as:

  • Reduce/eliminate your guarding costs
  • Minimise material or tool theft or damage
  • Monitoring on-site activity
  • Health and Safety
  • Project construction progress
  • ANPR
  • Evidence collection
  • Dispute avoidance

As insurance premiums continue to rise, investing in the appropriate CCTV remote monitoring system can mitigate the cost of theft or damage claims. Many insurers stipulate the system must be installed by an accredited system integrator. Netcelero work with many accredited System Integrators across the UK, Ireland, and the US who install robust construction site security systems and an i-spi from Netcelero to ensure the communications path to the site is as secure as the perimeter.

Choose Netcelero for your Construction Site Security

Netcelero’s smart solutions are key to ensuring a robust secure communications path to a construction site, and many of our CCTV monitoring partners include Netcelero’s remote connectivity solution on all their construction sites as standard protocol.

Our solutions provide peace of mind that an ARC can always connect remotely to intervene immediately in real-time, to halt any theft or vandalism before the damage is done.

Contact Netcelero today to find out how we simplify secure connectivity for construction sites – can you afford not to?