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Using an i-spi as a hardware VPN

How many businesses run systems where access is restricted to the static public IP of the office network? This is quite common with company WordPress sites or other cloud systems.

This all works fine when you are in the office, but what happens when you need to work from home?

You can invest in a fully featured office firewall like a SonicWALL or FortiGate (which you probably should anyway) – however this isn’t possible for every company from either a lack of IT skills or resources to the price point of these systems.

However there is a simple cost effective solution to this issue. We have many customers who have used an i-spi, to provide their offsite staff secure access to those company systems, via the public IP of your office.

Naturally the i-spi will only route the traffic you need, so the employees general access of the internet (Netflix, LinkedIn or Google) doesn’t go via your office (and end up swamping your broadband capacity).

i-spi as a hardware VPN

The i-spi can support multiple users connecting at once, and there is no per user license fee.
The OpenVPN client can run on Windows, Apple and Android systems; giving you access from tablets, smart phones and your laptop/PC.
The i-spi is easy to deploy – simply connect it to a LAN ethernet port on your office broadband modem and a couple of clicks in our portal and it is up and running, securely, without needing to reconfigure your whole office network.

Simplifying Secure Connectivity – it’s what we do best! Contact us today for more info.