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Why Businesses Should Have a Static IP Address for Security Cameras

Static IP addresses for security cameras are IP addresses that are permanently assigned to your network. Static IP addresses are important as they prevent intermittent loss of CCTV service which can potentially cause a major security breach.
Static IP addresses are simple to set up and offer immediate connection to your cameras. The i-spi from Netcelero provides a fully integrated IP address for security cameras on any network connection. Unlike traditional connectivity options, the i-spi is a truly agnostic system offering simple and fast connectivity for security cameras.

Benefits of Static IP Addresses for Security Cameras

There are numerous benefits of static IP addresses for security cameras, including increased cyber security and a stable connection. Businesses can rest assured that their premises are secured properly when they use Netcelero’s innovative solutions. The main benefits of Static IP addresses for security cameras are:

1. Prevent Cyber Crime

Static IP addresses for security cameras are essential to prevent cyber crime and hacking. While most people would associate CCTV cameras with preventing crime, they can actually present a significant security risk unless they are protected from the constant threat of hackers. Netcelero solutions ensure that ports are never left open, which in turn drastically reduces the vulnerability of the CCTV system. You can rest assured that your CCTV system is in safe hands with our industry leading technology. Smart geo-locking and source IP listing ensures the traffic to your CCTV system is filtered by region. This limits access to IP addresses of only the country you are in. This increases security against hacks.

2. Ensure a Stable Connection:

In terms of stability for CCTV systems, a static IP address is superior to dynamic IP addresses as it eliminates the need to constantly manage changing IP addresses. With the i-spi, you simply plug the device into your existing router to obtain your permanent IP address. Our i-ctrl software continuously checks that the CCTV connection is stable through a process we call ‘Keep Alive’. If there is a connectivity outage, the connection will automatically failover to a backup connection ensuring there is no loss of service.

3. Remote Monitoring:

With the i-spi, there are no complicated or unreliable connections. Our leading technology offers a global platform with scalable visibility. Another major benefit of our solutions for remote monitoring companies is that there is zero downtime, with remote camera log-in for any reboots or reconfiguration.

Fully Integrated Static IP Addresses for Security Cameras

Along with improving both cyber security and connectivity for security cameras, the i-spi comes with a bespoke dashboard that provides real-time data and analytics from your businesses CCTV system. Our technology will quickly identify any potential problems and offer immediate guidance on how to fix any issues.

Static IP Addresses Benefit All Industries

A poor connection that leads to unstable connectivity for CCTV cameras is unacceptable as it can cause a multitude of issues for businesses. Security cameras need to be working at full capacity 24/7 to protect the business premises; an unstable connection renders them useless.
The most important issue is that alerts and notifications to highlight security breaches may not be transmitted effectively with an unstable connection. When businesses work with Netcelero’s technology to provide a Static IP address for security cameras, you have the peace of mind that your premises is protected. Our technology will save you time and money, as it stops unnecessary maintenance. Our technology is being used extensively across a multitude of industries, including:

  • Remote CCTV Monitoring

We work with remote CCTV monitoring companies to ensure their system is running effectively with a static IP address. Our agile solutions ensure stable connectivity for IP cameras, without any unexpected issues for remote CCTV monitoring companies.

  • Wind and Solar

The static IP addresses for security cameras provided by Netcelero technology ensure businesses in the renewable energy sector have reliable connectivity for monitoring wind turbines and solar panels. Static IP addresses help renewable energy companies to understand, monitor and secure each site remotely.

  • Construction

The construction industry heavily relies on their internet connectivity to monitor sites for both security and safety reasons. A static IP address provided by Netcelero ensures that construction sites are secure, even on 4G sims. We regularly work with large construction companies to ensure their CCTV cameras are never affected by poor internet connectivity or cyber security issues.

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At Netcelero, we work with businesses across many sectors to provide static IP addresses for security cameras. Contact a member of our expert team today to discuss the best option for your business.