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Why Your Site Needs a Security Camera Upgrade

Have you thought about upgrading your security cameras lately?

As the cold, dark, winter nights draw in, are you 100% confident that your security system is up to the job? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about a security camera upgrade.

Signs that you need a CCTV Camera Upgrade

Unless you have recently experienced a major, or even a minor, incident, you probably have not given much thought to the state of your security system, or considered what upgrades it might require. The objective should always be to ensure your security system is in full working order and able to protect you, your staff, or your property at all times.

If you are still using analog security cameras, it is highly probable that several years have passed since you upgraded your cameras. Visually they could still look fine, however without ongoing maintenance and regular firmware updates, they are likely to be past their shelf life and adding to your site’s vulnerabilities. This is especially true when you factor in the increasing requirement for advanced cyber security protection.

At Netcelero we try to keep it simple – we tell our clients that the best way to know if their cameras need to be upgraded is by reviewing their video image quality. This is the first indicator that systems may be outdated.

Why your site needs up-to-date CCTV systems

CCTV monitoring can provide multiple benefits for the end-user that can improve the overall efficiency, productivity, and safety of the site. Using smart cameras with the latest technology greatly enhances the ability to do this comprehensively with crystal-clear HD camera streams.

Here are some of the reasons why you might need to upgrade your old CCTV cameras:

  • Outdated Technology

By investing in a security camera upgrade you can enjoy the cutting-edge powerful video analytics that are now available. This game-changing technology minimizes false alarms and enables remote CCTV monitoring of your premises by an accredited ARC, so you have peace of mind that someone is always watching your cameras when needed and can act in real-time to prevent any crime before it happens.

  • Poor Weatherproofing

Any of the extreme weather conditions which are becoming more prevalent, from very high temperatures to gale-force winds to extreme downpours, can easily erode hardware over time. Cabling and connectors should be checked and replaced regularly to ensure your communications path from all cameras is optimal.

  • Limited Storage

To ensure you are compliant with applicable GDPR regulations you need to ensure you have sufficient built-in cloud-based storage capabilities for your HD camera footage. This will enable you to provide redacted footage when requested, or in the event of a crime occurring, be able to access footage of the criminal event happening for police inquiries and potential prosecution.

  • Out-of-Date Firmware

Security camera upgrades are only a piece of the puzzle to ensure your CCTV system is fit for purpose – it is critical (and we don’t use that word lightly) that your security cameras and ancillary hardware are always running the most recent firmware. Vulnerabilities can be closed down entirely by a new firmware update. Most firmware updates are over air and are so important to combat ever-evolving hacker strategies.

  • Lack of High Definition, Motion Detection, Thermal or Night Vision Capabilities

This impacts the image quality and the efficacy of the analytics. An upgrade to your CCTV system would enable you to best leverage the astounding advancements in image quality and clarity that CCTV cameras offer.

  • Site design

Optimal site design is required to ensure the entire perimeter of the site as well as the key access points are monitored. Revisiting the installation of the cameras after any additions to the site, is often overlooked when completing building projects.

  • Remote Access

This is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for a CCTV camera system, it’s a must.  Remote access enables access to the cameras and ancillary hardware  for minor configuration changes, reboots, timestamp changes, and of course critical firmware upgrades. If your CCTV system has no remote access capabilities, it is most definitely time to upgrade your CCTV cameras.

  • Analogue Cameras & PTSN Lines

As PTSN lines are being switched off and analogue cameras are now considered legacy hardware, it is recommended that any CCTV systems using analogue cameras or PTSN lines are due for a hardware refresh.

Older CCTV systems that are hosted on open internet have inherent security issues, Netcelero recommend investing in IP cameras connected via the internet, as these offer a myriad of astounding features and benefits. They are also very cost-effective over their lifetime, as they need less maintenance and can generally be repaired remotely, saving you the cost of a call-out (unless it is a physical fault).

They also provide system integrator capabilities, which means that if there are any issues connecting to any of the cameras or if network changes (planned or unplanned) are required, the System Integrator is able to log in remotely and competently complete the task, ensuring the CCTV system is fully operational, and the site is securely monitored at all times.

Netcelero’s Remote Connectivity Solution for CCTV Cameras

Poor connectivity or weak security due to outdated hardware are common problems that can create challenges for site owners when it comes to CCTV monitoring.

With Netcelero’s CCTV Remote Monitoring Software between your network and the internet, Netcelero acts as a shield against threats and monitors activity going in and out. And because our solutions operate in parallel to onsite equipment, they do not interfere with the existing network. This provides you with peace of mind that you can upgrade to the latest smart cameras and enjoy the benefits of the latest technologies, safe in the knowledge that your network will not be compromised or misconfigured.

Netcelero can provide you with the tools you need to make sure your network is secure, but without deploying the latest CCTV technology alongside that, you are taking an unnecessary risk.

Contact Netcelero, the trusted advisors in CCTV communication paths, to see how we can help Simplify Secure Connectivity for you.