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Network Security for CCTV

is complex

VPN technology cctv systems
Network Security for CCTV

is complex

At Netcelero we develop clever technology that removes the complexity of quality connectivity, guaranteeing secure remote access to any onsite hardware with full control and visibility of the communications path to every site.

Deploying a single connection, such as a 4G SIM, as a communications path to a remotely monitored CCTV site may work short term, but it is likely to drop and disconnect frequently. The IP on a 4G SIM is dynamic, not fixed, so it often changes, resulting in loss of your critical communications path to the site. These intermittent but regular loss of service events often result in multiple site visit while you attempt to diagnose the cause.

With our CCTV Remote Monitoring Software between your network and the internet, Netcelero acts as a shield against threats and monitors activity going in and out. Because our solutions operate in parallel to onsite equipment, they do not interfere with the existing network.

  • Remove Vulnerabilities

Leaving ports open is considered bad practice and is not something we would recommend under any circumstances. Any supplier who tells you that it is not a risk should be avoided.

With Netcelero’s solutions you have peace of mind that connectivity to the monitoring system is safe, fast, and that data is accessible in real-time.

  • Multiple levels of firewall protection.

Each Netcelero solution offers multiple levels of firewall protection that can be easily selected depending on your site specific requirements. From basic firewall protection restricting access to IP addresses only of the country you are in, scaling right up to the highest security level – a private IP address where only the monitoring centre can connect and all communication is encrypted.

Netcelero’s solutions simplify reliable remote connectivity to any CCTV system and block hacks in the process.

  • Accelerate Corporate Deployments

Have you ever lost numerous days or hours dealing with an IT company just to get a port forward set up? And what happened if you needed to change the port forward later?​

With Netcelero, the port forwards are in your control: ​port forwards are not required on the corporate firewall for the i-spi to work.​ Just a small set of simple, straightforward rules to allow the i-spi to connect out to our core network.

  • Starlink Connectivity – Anywhere

For remote locations Starlink is a fantastic innovation to provide an internet connection. However one drawback is that for a Starlink connection to work for remote CCTV monitoring, you need to have a public IP, which Starlink does not provide.

Netcelero can take care of this, making Starlink a very effective internet connection for remote CCTV monitoring in any location.

Components and


Components and


There are three key components to the Netcelero CCTV Remote Monitoring Software: a small piece of hardware we call the ‘Customer Premises Equipment’ (CPE); the Netcelero Cloud Network; and our unique Analytics Portal.

Depending on the Netcelero model there are multiple possible connections, but broadly speaking they are broken down into ethernet-based connections and cellular connections.

The ethernet WAN interfaces can be connected to ethernet devices such as Fibre or DSL or fibre modems – even Starlink satellite systems.

The solutions also support just 5G/4G connections.


4G modems

i ctrl cctv technology

4G modems

Our i-ctrl devices come with on-board 4G (CAT4) modems that support LTE, UMTS, and GPRS. There are different bands in Europe, Asia and North America with supported bands in each region. Our CCTV Remote Monitoring Software have SMA connectors so that external UMTS/LTE antennas can be used to increase the signal strength and quality.

i-ctrl customers love the network scanning feature which enables them to scan the mobile networks and determine, with confidence, that their chosen SIM is the optimal mobile network provider for that location. Once the SIMs are inserted into the device, the i-ctrl can lock on to the fastest, least congested band, mast and technology from that network. Netcelero CCTV Remote Monitoring Software make optimising 4G connectivity simple.

We can also provide a Wi-Fi client module that allows direct connection to a Wi-Fi network. This may be of use in situations where you connect to the client network for Wi-Fi but have a SIM card for a 4G backup.

Automatic failover

for stable connectivity

Netcelero automatic failover
Automatic failover

for stable connectivity

The i-ctrl CCTV Remote Monitoring Software continuously checks that it has a connection from the CPE to the Netcelero core network via a “Keep-Alive”. If the keep-alives detect an outage of more than 15 seconds, it will failover to the backup connections. The failover process keeps the static IP address, so from a remote location you see a brief drop not a change in IP address.

When the primary connection returns after about 30-60 seconds, the tunnel fails back to the primary connection. This means that even in the event a fixed line is vandalised, constant live streaming continues, as the internet connection seamlessly fails over to the back up.

Not only that, but if you are concerned about data usage, Netcelero’s web-based analytics dashboard puts you in control by enabling you to monitor data usage, and manage daily or weekly limits. This can be especially relevant if you are operating on a 4G connection.

The Netcelero i-spi has three modes of operation

The Netcelero i-spi has three modes of operation

We understand that different clients have access specific requirements which can differ at each site – remote CCTV monitoring projects need agile connectivity. The i-spi was developed with this in mind, – to satisfy your customers’ remote monitoring needs on a site by site basis. With three different modes of operation, our CCTV Remote Monitoring Software has all of your bespoke site requirements secured.

  • Secure

    Secure connection to a site over an easy-to-set-up VPN – no need for port forwards. Ideal for vulnerable systems.

  • Lite

    Designed for System Integrators where the remote monitoring centre requires port forwards.

  • Hybrid

    A mix of both Lite and Secure, providing monitoring ARC’s with access as well as secure VPN access for System Integrators.

Intelligent CCTV Remote Monitoring Software to identify

diagnose and manage network changes

Intelligent CCTV Remote Monitoring Software to identify

diagnose and manage network changes

Where the i-spi comes into its own is when things on the network change.

A router swap or reset, a change of ISP, or an enterprise network firewall can all render an ARC unable to monitor. The i-spi attempts to deal with network changes and issues, with the goal of reducing the requirement for site visits to correct issues.​

With Netcelero you no longer need to play the guessing game – you are in control of the communications path and you can see exactly where the issue lies. All detected issues are logged in our customer​ portal for later review by yourself.

  • “Follow the Leader” feature

The i-spi “Follow the Leader” feature allows you to target a MAC address instead of an IP for your port forwards, thereby allowing the target to remain on DHCP and still have your port forwards work.

The IP on the Camera/NVR changes and the i-spi detects the new IP and remaps the port forwards to accommodate the change.​

  • Integration with Monitoring Software

Netcelero solutions support full integration of alarms with industry leading CCTV monitoring software such as Sentinel, IMMIX and many others. This ensures that camera and issue specific alerts are sent directly to a monitoring centre or system integrator via email.

Secure, reliable connectivity is complex, but we make it simple. Our technology takes care of the complexities of secure networking so our customers can focus on their strengths.

  • Commit Reset Feature

Have you ever made a change to a configuration on a remote site and subsequently knocked yourself offline? With a lot of remote sites the option of powering off and back on again simply isn’t there.

That’s where the Netcelero’s amazing ‘Commit Reset Feature’ comes in. Simply select the time frame you want and start the session. At any point during the session you can commit the changes, but if you do get disconnected by the change, then after the elapsed time the device resets the drive to exactly as it was at the session start point and reboots.

After the reboot your device is exactly as it was. This not only works for configuration changes but also for upgrades, allowing you to go back to a state just before the upgrade.

  • Click to deploy VPN

If you have some equipment that needs to be restricted from accessing the internet, our click-to-deploy VPN gives you exclusive one-way access to your devices, with absolute peace of mind.

The i-spi has an onboard OpenVPN server that uses certificate key pair for authentication. ​The encryption is end-to-end from your i-spi the whole way to your laptop/PC or smartphone.​ The i-spi provides security-conscious clients with secure encrypted access to their cameras.​

For the system integrator this provides secure access to the whole local network, allowing you to quickly and easily access features such as the Dahua Virtual Host feature, directly access camera web interfaces, manage on-site PoE smart switches, WiFi bridges or even the ISP broadband router.

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