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AWS Introduce Public IPv4 Address Charges

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced the introduction of charges for IPV4 addresses, with effect from February 2024.

IPv4 addresses are an increasingly scarce resource, and in spite of a well-established and widely recognised decline in the availability of IPv4 resources, public IPv4 addresses continue to play a pivotal role in facilitating Internet communication. Despite its resemblance to the much more abundant IPv6, IPv4 has become increasingly commoditised over the years.

As an example, AWS has reported a staggering 300% increase in the cost of each public IPv4 address over the past five years.

In the foreseeable future, the pricing dynamics of IPv4 won’t be a simple “set it and forget it” affair when it comes to AWS. While the hourly rates for public IPv4 addresses linked to active instances are relatively straightforward, they could lead to unforeseen expenses if not managed carefully, particularly in cases where public IP addresses are attached to resources that lack public accessibility.

AWS say that the charge reflects their own costs and is intended to encourage more frugal use and accelerate adoption to IPV6. Charges will apply to all AWS services including EC2, Relational Database Service (RDS) database instances, Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) nodes, and will apply across all AWS regions. The basic charge is USD0.0005 per IP – seems like an insignificant charge, however this is an hourly charge applicable to every public IPv4 address allocated to an account, whether attached to an AWS service or not.

This charge does not apply to IP’s that AWS customers bring (or own).

Netcelero is a long standing and committed member of Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE – one of the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) responsible for managing the allocation and registration of IP addresses and autonomous system numbers in Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Central Asia, which plays a crucial role in the coordination and management of IP resources in this region).

Netcelero takes pride in offering our customers a comprehensive solution that includes public IPv4 addresses as a fundamental component. We believe in the power of transparent pricing, which aligns with our mission to streamline secure connectivity for our clients. By providing accessible IPv4 addresses and straightforward cost structures, we aim to make secure, high-quality connectivity an effortless and cost-effective experience for businesses. Our commitment to transparency is at the core of how we support our customers in achieving their connectivity goals.

Find out more about the new charges from AWS here.