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Netcelero announced as Official Hikvision Solution Partner

Netcelero have joined forces with Hikvision and are proud to announce we are now an official Hikvision Solution Partner.   

Hikvision’s commitment to work closely with technology partners to build a strong and mutually beneficial ecosystem aligns with Netcelero’s approach to innovation and nurturing ongoing collaborative relationships.

Hikvision, founded in 2001, are an IoT solution provider with video as their core competency, who continue to be a global leader, due to their continuous R&D innovation and investment.

Netcelero are delighted to work closely with Hikvision, simplifying secure connectivity for their global customers. This is fantastic news for our mutual customers giving them the peace of mind they can expect dealing with an approved Hikvision Solution partner, such as unparalleled support, product training, technical and product support from Hikvision and Netcelero.

This is a game changing partnership for CCTV System Integrators.

The i-spi offers a smart solution for immediate secure remote access to Hikvision cameras. The i-spi provides an instant static IP and four port forwards on any internet connection (even just a 5G or 4G SIM, or Starlink). The port forwards can be configured and implemented instantly and the helpful Netcelero software will then automatically test and validate them after they have been configured.

Now the Client and ARC can communicate with the on-site Hikvision cameras and NVRs without any modification to on-site firewalls or routers.

If there is an issue on site, the advanced and intelligent Netcelero software provides a secure tunnel to access the NVR, so any problems can be solved remotely – quickly and simply.

Find out more about our complementary solutions from Hikvision here.