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Netcelero Collaboration with RED WoLF: A Case Study in Innovation

Netcelero was pleased to be part of a technical collaboration involving the RED WoLF team on a groundbreaking project with Oldham Council in the UK. This project highlights Netcelero’s commitment to advancing innovation in remote monitoring and secure communication systems.


RED WoLF, in partnership with GLAS Energy Technology, is at the forefront of innovative solutions in energy management and connectivity. The collaboration between RED Wolf, GLAS Energy and Netcelero, with Oldham Council in the United Kingdom, is a groundbreaking project that showcases Netcelero’s commitment to advancing remote monitoring and secure communication systems.


Oldham Council sought a solution to regulate electricity consumption in pilot houses efficiently. They needed a secure and reliable system that could connect to the RED WoLF cloud server and adapt to dynamic tariff systems while being accessible to a broad audience.


Netcelero, with its expertise in secure communication pathways, played a pivotal role in enabling a secure connection to GLAS’s GET-2132 controller for the 19 pilot houses. They ensured seamless integration with the RED WoLF cloud server, simplifying complex technical concepts while maintaining the project’s core objectives.


Conor Byrne from RED WoLF partner GLAS Energy Technology successfully programmed the GET-2132 controllers, and the control boxes were integrated into the pilot houses. This enabled precise regulation of electricity consumption, initially focusing on CO2 intensity and later dynamic tariff systems.

Other RED WoLF pilots across North-West Europe, such as Cork City Council and Carbury Housing Association, are now equipped with functional controllers with i-spi’s ensuring they have a secure communications path, unlocking opportunities in both scientific and commercial domains.

This collaboration exemplifies how Netcelero’s expertise and dedication in simplifying complex technical concepts complemented the successful implementation of a transformative solution for Oldham Council and RED WoLF, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and efficient future.

Partner Testimonial – Conor Byrne – Software Engineer – GLAS Energy Technology

Netcelero proved to be an invaluable partner. Their team’s deep understanding of their technology and secure connectivity, coupled with their knack for simplifying complex concepts enabled us to swiftly ensure we have a secure communications path to our GET-2132 controllers in the pilot houses, allowing us to regulate electricity consumption effectively. They strike the perfect balance between technical expertise and accessibility and we look forward to future collaborations with Netcelero.