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Revolutionary Software Release for Remote CCTV Monitoring

Netcelero are excited to announce a new software release, packed with incredible features and improved functionality based on i-ctrl customer feedback!

At Netcelero, we enjoy listening to our customers’ needs and understanding how our software can make their jobs easier. With this release, we have incorporated some of the most requested features to ensure a user-friendly experience for all our customers.

One of the primary concerns that our focus group of i-ctrl customers voiced, was the need for a simple interface, as their teams of System Integrators evolve, there are varying levels of configuration experience.

Simplifying Secure Connectivity

With this new release, we have taken great strides to streamline the user interface, making it more intuitive and straightforward to understand. We have eliminated unnecessary functionality that was not used, and have made it easier to access the features used most frequently.

In addition to a simpler interface, our customers also wanted to be able to navigate the software more easily. To that end, we have added new navigation tools to help users quickly find the features they need, with enhanced functionality to make it easier to find specific information.

We have also added a host of new features to give our customers more tools which make it easier for users to troubleshoot issues that may arise. Our new release includes new diagnostic tools that can quickly identify any problems, saving time and ensuring awareness of any potential issue so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible.

The Netcelero Portal

Finally, we have worked hard to improve the overall user experience as all configuration is now completed through our unique Netcelero Portal.

In summary, our latest software release is packed with new features and functionality, making it easier than ever to work with our software. We’ve simplified the interface, added new features, made troubleshooting easier, and further simplified secure connectivity. The result is an amazing user experience that’s easy to navigate and which we are confident our customers will welcome.

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If you would like to know more about this revolutionary software release please feel free to contact us today. A member of our expert team will be delighted to help.