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Case Study: Yellowcom – VoIP and Starlink

  • Netcelero Product : i-ctrl
  • Client : Yellowcom
  • Sector: Multi Vertical VoIP
  • Location: UK and Ireland
  • Customer Since: 2022

Netcelero’s i-ctrl empowers Yellowcom for Seamless VoIP Services

About Yellowcom

Yellowcom is a dynamic and forward-thinking communications provider with offices in Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin specialising in delivering communication packages to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With a customer-centric approach, serving a wide range of industries, Yellowcom offers a broad range of communication services, including VoIP, broadband and Wifi to enhance connectivity, productivity, and collaboration for businesses of all sizes.

The Challenge

Yellowcom, the telecoms specialist, serves a diverse clientele of SMEs as well as organisations in the public and voluntary sector. As on premise and cloud phone systems have gained popularity, Yellowcom identified a critical challenge – ensuring consistent and high-quality VoIP services for their customers. Many SMEs in remote locations relied on a variety of internet connections, including emerging solutions like Starlink. Yellowcom required a solution to provide a public IP address and secure remote access for phone system maintenance and configuration changes for their customers.

The Solution

Yellowcom turned to Netcelero’s i-ctrl solution to address their challenges. i-ctrl enables businesses to use VoIP services over a wide range of internet connections, including Starlink. The solution offered:

  • Public IP Address: i-ctrl provided Yellowcom’s customers with dedicated public IP address, ensuring consistent and reliable VoIP service even on dynamic and variable internet connections.
  • Secure Remote Access: The i-ctrl has also enabled Yellowcom to securely remotely access customer sites for phone system maintenance and configuration changes, minimising downtime and reducing the need for on-site technicians.
  • Adaptability: Netcelero’s solution could seamlessly integrate with a variety of internet connections, making it an ideal choice for SMEs operating in both urban and remote areas.

The Outcome

The implementation of Netcelero’s i-ctrl solution had a profound impact on Yellowcom, assisting them to lead the way in delivering top-quality VoIP services to SMEs, even in the most challenging connectivity environments. The results were impressive:

  • Improved VoIP Service Quality: Customers experienced significantly improved call quality and reliability, even on internet connections such as Starlink.
  • Reduced Downtime: The secure remote access capabilities reduced downtime for maintenance and configuration changes, resulting in cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Expanded Customer Base: With the confidence that Yellowcom could offer VoIP services in virtually any location, they attracted new customers, further expanding their business.
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Existing customers were impressed by the improved service quality and Yellowcom’s ability to address connectivity issues promptly.

Customer Testimonial

Netcelero’s i-ctrl has been a game-changer for us and our customers. We no longer worry about the challenges of varying internet connections. With i-ctrl, we can confidently provide VoIP services to SMEs, no matter how remote their location. The dedicated public IP address and secure remote access capabilities have streamlined our operations, reduced downtime, and allowed us to attract and retain more customers. Netcelero’s i-ctrl solution has proven to be a valuable asset in addressing the unique demands of the modern communications landscape.

Andrew Laing, Director, Yellowcom.