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Case Study: Cripps & Co – EPOS System Updates, CCTV and Starlink

  • Netcelero Product : i-ctrl
  • Client : Cripps & Co
  • Sector: Events
  • Location: UK
  • Customer Since: 2023

Netcelero’s i-ctrl empowers Cripps & Co with Secure Connectivity for Stunning Event Locations.

About Cripps & Co

Founded in 1990, Cripps & Co is a family-owned business known for its expertise in restoring historic barns and walled gardens, transforming them into stunning venues for weddings and events.

Their commitment to preserving historical charm while offering modern amenities has made them a sought-after destination for couples looking to celebrate their special day.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges facing Cripps & Co was ensuring reliable and secure internet connectivity across their stunning event locations, which often were in remote areas with limited access to traditional broadband options.  They deployed Starlink connectivity to these unique locations, which provided high speed internet with sufficient capacity for each venue.  However Starlink operates with a Carrier NAT (Network Address Translation) system, which means obtaining a static public IP isn’t a straightforward option. This can be a critical limitation particularly when there is a requirement for  CCTV cameras to be viewed remotely for security and monitoring as well as any other connected systems which need to be managed remotely such as tills and EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) machines for pricing updates and firmware maintenance.

The Solution

Netcelero introduced Cripps & Co to their advanced i-ctrl solution, which seamlessly integrated with Starlink, a state-of-the-art satellite internet provider. The solution provided Cripps & Co with a range of capabilities:

  • Reliable Remote Monitoring: The ability to access CCTV cameras remotely, ensuring the security and safety of their venues. This real-time monitoring enhances event security, provides peace of mind when the venue is vacant and ensures insurance compliance.
  • Effortless Remote Management: Streamlined remote management of tills and EPOS machines, means that scheduled updates, including pricing adjustments and firmware maintenance can now be processed with ease, reducing site visits, on-site maintenance requirements and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Secure Connectivity: Netcelero’s expertise in secure connectivity ensures that all remote access is highly secure, protecting the business network, sensitive data and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

The Outcome

The implementation of Netcelero’s i-ctrl solution yielded significant results for Cripps & Co:

  • Enhanced Security: Real-time access to CCTV cameras bolstered event security, providing peace of mind.
  • Operational Efficiency: Remote management of tills and EPOS machines streamlined business operations, reducing unnecessary site visits delivering operational cost savings and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Consistent Connectivity: A stable public static IP ensured uninterrupted remote access, simplifying remote management.
  • Peace of Mind: Robust security measures safeguarded  data and assets, ensuring confidence in remote operations.

Customer Testimonial

Netcelero’s i-ctrl solution has transformed the way we manage our event venues, providing us with the tools to ensure security, efficiency, and reliability. With the power of i-ctrl, we can now focus more on creating unforgettable experiences for our clients, confident that our connectivity needs are in the hands of experts. Netcelero has truly been a partner in our journey to make dreams come true in the most beautiful, historic settings.

Sam Villeneuve, Senior IT Engineer, Cripps & Co